Welcome to Tahmina Mili’s World

Welcome to Tahmina Mili’s World

Here you can find a lot of things about myself , my lifestyle, my books , my hobbies .

About Myself

My name is Tahmina akter Mili. I am from Bangladesh. I consider myself an educated person. I am also a dreamer. I dream day and night and only dream to become successful in this world. I want at least few more people will know me. I have worked really hard to come to this level of my life. I have been in situations where I had to almost stop dreaming and live a life I never wanted to live. I am now living the life I have always dreamed of living. Still the destination is thousand miles away .

There are some setbacks too. I do not belive in relationships. I have been with my friends and greatly been hurt with their actions. Still I adore them, because if they had not had done things, I would have never had changed ever; I would have been the same lost child in her own thoughts and dreams and doing nothing to accomplish them. I dreamed that everything would take place automatically if I keep praying to Allah (as part of being a Muslim, I have been taught and made practiced to pray everyday). After a long time, I realize all of those things are vague. Allah only helps them who help themselves. Praying only gives me enough strength to stay strong and go on on the path I wanted to walk. From that very day, I kept my hopes up in the sky and work hard to reach to my hope. I had little opportunities which I could have explored. I had done my research and made myself skilled to do everything (almost).

People say sometimes that I am materialistic and very money minded.

Trust me I love money. I work for money and make sure that I earn enough to fulfill my dream. I have come so far with my money oriented mind and set my life in a manner where I do not have to worry that I cannot get to earn enough money for my life. Money is important. I can bet my life on a sense that no one would ever deny the importance of money. Money may not buy the happiness, but it can avail the happiness and peace of mind. Saying that, I am not after money all the time, but it will not hurt much to have some money of my own. I work and earn money, not that I am depending on somebody else to earn money and I will only enjoy that money.

I am from a family of eight members and  with a lower middle class settings. There was not much of affluency while I was growing up. My parents though provided us with all kinds of comfort they could afford at the time and were financially accessible. I have seen my sisters and myself suppressing our interest because we did not have enough money. That was very heartbreaking at the time. I do not want to feel that way again. I never want my sisters to feel that way at all. So, if people consider me money oriented, I would gratefully admit that.

I am now residing in Scotland doing my PhD research. I have worked really hard to come this far. I do not have much to say about me. I have already presented myself enough in the previous paragraphs. I will just say a few more things about me. While I was preparing myself to come to study abroad, one of my friends said to me and I quote, “You can never go abroad, you do not have the money (stressing on this word) or skill to study abroad. You do not have any passion or fashion, you are boring and very uncultured.” She was not wrong, I am boring, not fashionable at all, lack social aspect in so many ways; I have to add some more to her list cruel, hate being with people, do not enjoy the rubbish conversation and on top of everything blunt. I do not agree with her in two things that I do not have passion and I am not skilled. I think I have proved myself in these two matters. Anyway, I still consider her as my friend. Her criticism and looking down to me actually get my blood flowing and pushed me to reach where I am today. There are hundreds more of these friendly crticism I have received regarding myself and the way I have lived my life.

I consider myself a very introvert person when it comes to my personal things. At the same time, I am the most extrovert when it comes to learning. I am what I am (I am not quite certain about what I am). I believe in me, I love myself, I cherish myself, I adore me, I nurture my thoughts and dreams. To conclude, I can only say that I am in a relationship with myself. I am fulfilling myself .

About Me

Hello viewers, I’m Tahmina Akter Mili. This is basically a blogging website besides blogging here you can find some interesting things like – Summaries of some Books , My Travelling Histories (Which will help you in some cases)

Get In Touch

  • tahminaaktermili@tahminamilisworld.com
  • (+44)7405095150

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