Everyday I think I will do that or I will do these.

None I can do, nothing I can accomplish.

I ask the thoughts to go away.

They come back every other day.

They keep me awake at nights, they give me frights.

They put me into a den, they fill myself with lights.

The thoughts are alive and like the living being.

They give me goosebumps, they give me free feeling.

Thoughts are telling me to fly away, spread my wings in the air.

They are calling me dearly to forget and leave the fear.

Thoughts are the root of my dreams, behind my happiness.

They are my ways to the top, embrace the greatness.

Thoughts are flowing in my veins like the river flows to the sea.

I am my thoughts slave, I am who my thoughts making me.

Published by Tahmina Mili

I am a dreamer. Always dream to have a new and beautiful life. I always try to live happily ever after. There are no bad vibes in me. To me, the world is the most beautiful and honest place to live in. "The bad is not bad until we make it bad" and "Smile is the beauty of life", are two of my most favorite sentences of all time. I live believing in them. I am proud to be me and love being me all the time.

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