Sometimes Somethings

Sometimes we hope,
Sometimes everything is dope.
Sometimes things are true,
Sometimes things just leave only clue.
Sometimes we are lost,
Sometimes we find the host.
Sometimes we do things only to grasp the joy,
Sometimes they flip back and make us toy.
Sometimes everything is normal,
Sometimes somethings need to be formal.
Sometimes we think too much,
Sometimes we only need to hold the clutch.
Sometimes time treats us well,
Sometimes it throws us into the well.
Sometimes the world seems unfair,
Sometimes it hands us its gear.
Sometimes we only can wonder,
Sometimes we become tender.
Sometimes it feels everything is over,
Sometimes we just need to peel out the hard cover.
Though it’s all in uncertainty,
It only teaches us to keep sanity.

Published by Tahmina Mili

I am a dreamer. Always dream to have a new and beautiful life. I always try to live happily ever after. There are no bad vibes in me. To me, the world is the most beautiful and honest place to live in. "The bad is not bad until we make it bad" and "Smile is the beauty of life", are two of my most favorite sentences of all time. I live believing in them. I am proud to be me and love being me all the time.

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