The Idea of Love!

I love to love the love in my life.
I am afraid I am not in love with the love.
I am just falling for the love.
The love asked me, “Am I that unlovable that you cannot love me?”
My answer was surprisingly loveable.
I replied, “Oh Love, you are that amicable only an ignorant like me will not fall for that!”
Love just nodded.
I closed my eyes and stretched my hands towards love to feel it.
Love knew and came closer.
I touched it and thought, “It is so hard like the surface of a coconut.”
I got the answer.
I could never be that patient and stable to reveal the softness of love.
I could never walk through a road full of broken glasses.
I do not expect everything to be smooth, though I eat to make blood, not to flow that away.
I am too safe and too much self-conscious.
I adore myself as the sweetest heart of all.
I cherish myself as the queen of my life.
I can never handle the pain of a broken heart.
I cannot even repair my heart ever with the left overs.
I can feel and sooth the pain which can be seen.
I am not able to heal the pain which is invisible, but severe like death.
I love the idea of love, but I cannot own the idea myself.
Love is hard work and I am the laziest.

Published by Tahmina Mili

I am a dreamer. Always dream to have a new and beautiful life. I always try to live happily ever after. There are no bad vibes in me. To me, the world is the most beautiful and honest place to live in. "The bad is not bad until we make it bad" and "Smile is the beauty of life", are two of my most favorite sentences of all time. I live believing in them. I am proud to be me and love being me all the time.

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