Spring is ringing the bell.
Winter has now nothing to tell.

Cold is once again gaining the spread.
Spring is suffering from hunger, but nothing to feed.

Cherry-blossom is trying to bloom.
There’s still hope, not yet to gloom.

The sun is giving shyly smile to the nature.
There’s gonna be shiner and brighter future.

Spring will come and laugh with us so loudly.
Newness will fill up the void of the nothingness proudly.

Though the day will become longer,
The shorter night will be felt stronger.

Emptiness will be no longer valid.
From now on, satisfaction will take the lead.

Spring-wind will bring warmth to embrace.
All the cold inside and out will vanish without any trace.

It’s just hope which will lead towards life.
Calm music will always be played on fife.

Published by Tahmina Mili

I am a dreamer. Always dream to have a new and beautiful life. I always try to live happily ever after. There are no bad vibes in me. To me, the world is the most beautiful and honest place to live in. "The bad is not bad until we make it bad" and "Smile is the beauty of life", are two of my most favorite sentences of all time. I live believing in them. I am proud to be me and love being me all the time.

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