A Moment With My Imagination !

The Night was so quite 
I was standing on the other side,
With my soul and little pride.
He was standing where I should be,
I wanted him to look here, wanted him to see me.
The light was dim,
There was no other beam,
Only me and my lonely team.
He was the light,
Look so shiny, look so bright,
Might be waiting for the moment to be right.
The time passed by, no more tie,
Only he and I, no time to die.
The very moment the sky shone,
I felt something in my bone,
He had a musical tone,
I wanted to be grown.
I smiled in my heart,
Prepared for the pain of being hurt,
My mind was full of dirt,
My vessel lost its cart.
He was not near,
I knew that’s not fair,
The craving is the hardest to bear,
The moment was intense and rare.
When all was over,
I rode on my rover,
Drive away so far,
To touch the glory of a star.
The moment is engraved in me,
My imagination will lead me to thee!

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