An Inspiration

Life might be shite, but the day is so bright.

Forget all the fight, only see the light.

You might say that it is kneckered,

I would suggest to be your own guard.

Let’s not argue with the fate.

Let’s not be so much late.

To have fun with a little run,

Never be afraid to take your turn.

Life is never gonna treat you fair,

It will not always put you on the first gear.

Never hold back for too long.

We are together and too strong.

Life can always do something wrong,

But we will always sing the victory song!

Time will pass as it has never happened.

Only remember that there will be no stipend.

Neither you will get chances to pay the dues,

Nor there will be clouds or any hues.

Either you have to board on the train.

Or all your try’s will go in vain.

I would say that there are only Wins.

Time is singular with no twins.

Get, set, ready, go and play,

Only the winners will stay!


All the time and every time, I have to reschedule whenever someone needs help. I am not a good person, a freak, a crazy person. I am not someone will like to talk. There is many good reasons for calling me all those things. Sometimes I myself wonder that is it really that I am a not good enough person. I intend to believe that I am good person. I will keep doing that. If I stop believing that I am not a good enough person, I might not be able to exist in the world. My whole state of existence carries on the trust which I have on myself.

Coming to the topic today, I realize even though I am not a good enough person, people seem to rely on me for sometimes. Like I am considered as a fixer. I can fix the situation and can make a difference in the situation. Whenever I am in any situation mine or other people, I surprisingly become very competent. I am probably the person who become very impressed on their own work. I always live in my world. My world only rounds around me. There are very few things I am worried about. The reschedule thing is very little about me. It turns out that the people around me sometimes rely on me for their things. That is when I need to reschedule.

I was in my first year of my honours degree when I started counting that I am rescheduling for others. I do many tutoring jobs, because I needed money to go on my day’s work. I have to pay for my own travel cost and sometimes fees for my education. Most of the time buying books were on me as well. Even though I was too busy between tutoring and studying for myself, I was also doing things for my friends and family. I have done little less to my family that time and done a lot for friends, particularly one friend. Not that we are still friend, I am still doing it for people, friend or not friend doesn’t really matter.

I sometimes feel like I have been rescheduling to make my guilt go away. I should have done more for my family when there was plenty of time. I should have done more for myself when I was needed myself the most. I am sorry that I couldn’t go back to time and reverse my doing. I want to reschedule, if only I can. There are so many “If only”s in my life. I want to reschedule the time with my mother. I want to set things right which I have done wrongly. My things are not very scheduled. I dreamed a lot, I liked being in the dream. I planned to make my dreams a truth. That has never been possible in time. The dreams seem to reschedule a lot.

Moral of the story is, not only I reschedule things for others, but also the things in life reschedule themselves to make the time countable. I am not talking rescheduling only in terms of works or helping or being with others, I am talking so many things to get rescheduled. I hope my death reschedule too, not and never comes when it is supposed to come.

The Other Side

The other side of the road always has something beautiful.

The other side always intimidates me.

The other side shows me the pathos in my life.

It shows me how small I might be in terms of the vivid Worldliness.

Oh! The Other Side!

Where the darkest moments come under the light.

Where the saddest faces are always smiling.

The other side has the Cherry-blossom.

The tree calls me always over and over again.

The wind blows the softest petals of the cherry-blossom.

The sight of the petals floating in the air soothes my eyes.

It is something very worthy to look at, a million dollar sight.

Something amazing or interesting always can be seen or found on the other side of the road.

I try everyday to find my way to the other side.

I made the vessel, sometimes try to run there.

Every time I fall on my face, every time I hurt myself so bad.

Sometimes I think out of the box and try to swim there.

Alas! I am the worst enemy of swimming.

The river, I imagine, swallows me every time.

Sometimes the other side comes very near to me.

I jump further away because of my fear.

Fear of losing the hope, losing the willfulness of my heart,

losing the grasp over my dreams of the other side.

The other side always give me hope and light to my black and white life.

It keeps me wishful, cheerful and hopeful for marching toward something, something good and find the happiness.

Sometimes I feel like the cherry-blossom is my other side.

I know that might be true, on a spring day the blossom gives me the feeling of the existence of my very soul in the world.

The heartbeat of the other side is the Cherry-blossom.

For me the other side could be standing under the cherry-blossom.

The peace of the tree inside me is the other side, it’s just not the other side only.

The Moon Tonight

I was coming home from the work.

The moon on the sky was blushing with the whitest light ever.

I looked at the sky and felt the feeling I have never felt before.

The moon tonight lit my night, maybe for longer period of time.

I looked at the moon, the very white moon like the dish on the sky.

I took long breaths in and out several times.

The moon tonight gave me the hope to look at the brighter side of life.

As if it was saying to me that in spite of the scars on its surface, it is still very pretty.

In spite of all the hardship, the moon is still tempting to the heart who seek for its glow.

The moon still glow under the light of the mighty Sun.

Though when we remember the beauty, we always take the moon.

It is peaceful, it is rare, it has the heart to bear.

The moon tonight gave me the peace of my mind.

As if it took my hands and held them for hours saying they felt innocent.

As if the moon shone my eyes, except being short sighted I saw my beautiful thoughts.

The time with the moon outside tonight might not be the best moment of my life, but it is one of the most appreciated moments so far.

The moon came with the little too strong breeze with a mild coolness tonight.

The wind blew touching my skin, gave me a chill feeling, but not quite chilling.

The moon tonight ave me the feeling of my life.

The moon tonight loved me and said to love back, to become gullible, to have the smile on my face always and forever, to show the world the glow inside me just like the glowing moon tonight.

The moon tonight made me calm.


Everyday I think I will do that or I will do these.

None I can do, nothing I can accomplish.

I ask the thoughts to go away.

They come back every other day.

They keep me awake at nights, they give me frights.

They put me into a den, they fill myself with lights.

The thoughts are alive and like the living being.

They give me goosebumps, they give me free feeling.

Thoughts are telling me to fly away, spread my wings in the air.

They are calling me dearly to forget and leave the fear.

Thoughts are the root of my dreams, behind my happiness.

They are my ways to the top, embrace the greatness.

Thoughts are flowing in my veins like the river flows to the sea.

I am my thoughts slave, I am who my thoughts making me.