Me and My Dream

One day I was being too naughty. My mother was too much busy. She couldn’t manage to control my mischievous manner. She chained me with the stand. This is a true story and happened a long time ago. I am now a grownup. I have grown to become a lady.
In the mind of this lady, there are many a thousand dreams. Dreaming is one of my jobs I never stop doing. Every day I dream one more. Without dreams, I have never spent a single day of my life. I have heard that the people who dream a lot their dreams never come true. I am not among them. I am beyond that. I dream and have the courage to show the world that my dreams are coming true.
Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of studying abroad. After a long battle with a bunch of people. I succeeded in that project. Now, I am projecting in bigger things. I will be successful in those projects too. In Islam, we say ‘INSHAALLAH’ means everything will happen as you want if Allah wants it to happen and if it is good for you.
I suggest people around me, dream more. A dream will give them perspective in life. A clear perspective can make life more meaningful and productive. Productivity will bring progress. Progress will bring stability which will lead the life towards a happy one.

The dream is linked with each and every process of life. Life is the beginning and the ending. It is dreaming which gives life a goal; a destination. Keep Dreaming and be happy.

Me and my dreams together make my life worth living.