The Other Side

The other side of the road always has something beautiful.

The other side always intimidates me.

The other side shows me the pathos in my life.

It shows me how small I might be in terms of the vivid Worldliness.

Oh! The Other Side!

Where the darkest moments come under the light.

Where the saddest faces are always smiling.

The other side has the Cherry-blossom.

The tree calls me always over and over again.

The wind blows the softest petals of the cherry-blossom.

The sight of the petals floating in the air soothes my eyes.

It is something very worthy to look at, a million dollar sight.

Something amazing or interesting always can be seen or found on the other side of the road.

I try everyday to find my way to the other side.

I made the vessel, sometimes try to run there.

Every time I fall on my face, every time I hurt myself so bad.

Sometimes I think out of the box and try to swim there.

Alas! I am the worst enemy of swimming.

The river, I imagine, swallows me every time.

Sometimes the other side comes very near to me.

I jump further away because of my fear.

Fear of losing the hope, losing the willfulness of my heart,

losing the grasp over my dreams of the other side.

The other side always give me hope and light to my black and white life.

It keeps me wishful, cheerful and hopeful for marching toward something, something good and find the happiness.

Sometimes I feel like the cherry-blossom is my other side.

I know that might be true, on a spring day the blossom gives me the feeling of the existence of my very soul in the world.

The heartbeat of the other side is the Cherry-blossom.

For me the other side could be standing under the cherry-blossom.

The peace of the tree inside me is the other side, it’s just not the other side only.

The Moon Tonight

I was coming home from the work.

The moon on the sky was blushing with the whitest light ever.

I looked at the sky and felt the feeling I have never felt before.

The moon tonight lit my night, maybe for longer period of time.

I looked at the moon, the very white moon like the dish on the sky.

I took long breaths in and out several times.

The moon tonight gave me the hope to look at the brighter side of life.

As if it was saying to me that in spite of the scars on its surface, it is still very pretty.

In spite of all the hardship, the moon is still tempting to the heart who seek for its glow.

The moon still glow under the light of the mighty Sun.

Though when we remember the beauty, we always take the moon.

It is peaceful, it is rare, it has the heart to bear.

The moon tonight gave me the peace of my mind.

As if it took my hands and held them for hours saying they felt innocent.

As if the moon shone my eyes, except being short sighted I saw my beautiful thoughts.

The time with the moon outside tonight might not be the best moment of my life, but it is one of the most appreciated moments so far.

The moon came with the little too strong breeze with a mild coolness tonight.

The wind blew touching my skin, gave me a chill feeling, but not quite chilling.

The moon tonight ave me the feeling of my life.

The moon tonight loved me and said to love back, to become gullible, to have the smile on my face always and forever, to show the world the glow inside me just like the glowing moon tonight.

The moon tonight made me calm.


Everyday I think I will do that or I will do these.

None I can do, nothing I can accomplish.

I ask the thoughts to go away.

They come back every other day.

They keep me awake at nights, they give me frights.

They put me into a den, they fill myself with lights.

The thoughts are alive and like the living being.

They give me goosebumps, they give me free feeling.

Thoughts are telling me to fly away, spread my wings in the air.

They are calling me dearly to forget and leave the fear.

Thoughts are the root of my dreams, behind my happiness.

They are my ways to the top, embrace the greatness.

Thoughts are flowing in my veins like the river flows to the sea.

I am my thoughts slave, I am who my thoughts making me.


Love makes you vulnerable. Love makes you weak,

Though you fall in love every week.

You say, “Love is beautiful. Love is true, Love is all.”

Though every other week, you fall.

You fall so hard, so hard to stand,

You shout out, “See my Friend!

Love will serve you happiness, make you ready for the end.”

“Love gives you nothing but the pain.

Love ditches you, stabs your back over again.

Love kneads salt over your cut.

Loves closes the ways to life, leaves the door shut.

Love drinks your blood, makes you white.

Love takes your conscience, you can’t see wrong or right.”

You smile and reply, “Oh my Dear!

Loves makes you human, makes you fear.

Fear to die, fear of being alone,

Fear to be a man too much grown.

Love teaches you to watch your feet.

Love shows you how to greet.

Love gives you the power to break free,

to fly away, hike the mountains or climb up a tree.

Love let you do what you like,

Love shakes your life with a little spike.

If you never love, you would never know.

Love will shine your life with sunny glow.”

For the Sake of Name

Name is the first thing we learn about a human. Name carries the most of the heavy lifting in life. I like to have a good name sometimes. Name for me is a way of ;letting people know that I exist in the world. I am here. I not from any alien planet. Though sometimes I consider myself that I must belong from the a distant planet where the name does not consider so important. In this world if you want to live you mush have a name. Now there are many different types and sizes of name. Names are different in many ways; geographically, country-wise, continent based, religion based, area of living based, street based, era based as well.

The first visible difference in names are religion based. Muslims have their own ways of naming their children. They try to follow the Islamic name pattern. A name has to have a good and Islamic meaning. It has to carry the weight of religious value. For example, if someone is named Rahim, this name is stated in Quran and is one name of the Almighty Allah. The meaning of this word is Kind and Compassionate towards mankind. There are many other names like Rahman, Karim, Malik, Quddus, Salam, Aziz, Jabbar and so on. These names are the most precious name according to Muslims. They are very honorable names as well. THough nowadays the trend has changed entirely. The Muslim new era wants the name to be cool and Islamic as well, like, Saad, Saifee, Safeena, Turas, Tanvir, Toa, and many more. All these names are Islamic and have great meanings. Name trend has also taken the leap of the new era still following the religious path too.

The second one is geographically. Names are different in different countries, because some of the countries are called Western and some are Eastern, some are African (Continent wise). Names in the Western side of the World are like that Adam, Roger, Christina, Sophie, William, Barry, Terry, Trent, and many many others. I do not understand the trend in naming Western. Some here also follow the Bible for naming, like Joseph, Andrew, Asher, Jacob, Danielle and other names also. These biblical names carry the burden of good omen from the Bible.

Names in the Eastern Asia is based on the birth dates, month and the year of the child. It is basically form by their own language and the names they are called the days or the dates and the months as well as the year. I can understand this trend. It belongs entirely on the child. The child can never complain about the name, because it has been made from the beginning of its own existence in the world. I admire this naming process.

The last but not not least visible naming process to me is the street name. The street name is one kind of slang name given to the person from friends or relatives to make the child’s life name-wise a little loving or sometimes funny, sometimes easier to call. Anyway, this naming process literally make things unofficial. The name are mostly known to the school friends nor area friends or neighbors, family members and relatives. This also carries the mere characteristics of the very person. It is not a good way of naming. However, it exists everywhere.

This long and boring topic has to come to an end soon. I have only one thing to say to the reader of this boring topic “Please continue doing whatever you are doing for the sake of your name.” Someone has to lift the name, No!