Sister is the blessing from the almighty.
I would like to have thousand more from the deity.
Sister applaudes when no one appreciates.
She helps doing all wrong like the evil associates.
Sister is the greatest gift there could possibly be.
She will remain side by side the shinings to see.
She will love no matter I have good many changes.
Sister keeps saying kind words through challenges.

I want to be with my sisters by any means.
I have only love for them in my veins.
I wish I could do more for them all along.
My sisters not only love me but also make me strong.

(This poem is dedicated to all the sisters of the world and especially my sisters. I read a book names ‘Sister’ by Rosamund Lupton. I was very touched reading that. I cannot express howmuch that book moved me. I only can say sisters are always blessing, at least in my case that is the truth. I love my sisters.)

ভালোবাসার গান।

আজ রাত সারারাত জেগে থাকবো।
চুপিচুপি ইশারায় কথা বলবো।
বলবো তোমাকে আমি চাই এখনি।
স্পর্শের মাঝে রাগ বুনবো।

রাতের আকাশে আমি তারা হবো।
মিটিমিটি করে জ্বলবো নিভবো।
শুধু একবার তুমি বলে ডাকলে,
মর্ত্যের মানুষ হয়ে মরবো।

মনে মনে কথাদের মালা বুনবো‌।
গল্পের মতো করে গান শুনাবো।
গাইবো আমি শুধু তোমাকে নিয়ে।
শব্দের মায়াজালে ভালোবাসবো।

জেগে জেগে স্বপ্নের সাথে নাচবো।
নেচে নেচে পাখিদের দলে ভিড়বো।
খড়কুটো দিয়ে গড়া ছোট্ট নীড়ে,
পাখিদের গুঞ্জনে মন হারাবো।

বলবো তোমাকে আমি চাই এখনি,
মনভোলা হয়ে শুধু ভালোবাসবো।
শুধু তোমাকে আমি ভালোবাসবো।

(The courtesy of this poem is entirely to the Bengali movie song sung by Runa Liala and Andrew Kishore.)

I want to.

I want to talk to you.
I want to call you, call you as loud as possible.
I want to pick up the phone and dial your number.
I can assure you I do that a hundred times every day.
I want to say everything I want to say to you.
I see people talking with each other, pouring their heart out.
I want to pour mine too but to you.
I want to see those devious smile once again.
I want to give up everything one more time to see your face, once only.
I want to ease the pain of my heart when it beats.
I want to stop the shouting of my every cells to call you.
I want to decide to finally call you.
I want to forget the feelings which lead me to remember you when I breath.
When My heart tries really hard to forget you I want to cut each of my veins which only flow because they know you exist, exist somewhere in the world.
I suggest others to not to lean on to the past, I myself am living in the past.
When I open my eyes, I see you.
When I close them, I close them with your picture enclosed.
I want to control my love towards you by loving myself.
As much as I love me, I know I am loving you more.
I want to hear your voice one more time.
Maybe you will say the hardest words of the world to make me miserable,
I will want to hate you basing on those words.
Trust me I want to do that.
I want to do that harder than anything else in my life.
As hard as I try to hate you, my heart wants to love you a little bit more.
Now, what I am to do to relief myself from all those senses,
I want to my senses to come to their senses.
I want to love you more but love me a little extra.
I want to acknowledge my love to you as the love to my existence.
I want to feel pride for my love.
I want to recognise the toughest love, the unconditional love for you as my own gratitude to me.
I want to let you know whatever happened or is going to happen, my love to you has never been less, never will be.
I want you to know I take pride in my love.
A heart always knows a heart loving so much.
I just want to know my heart.

ভুলে থাকা।

ভুলে থাকা যদি সম্ভব হতো,
তবে মনে রাখার যন্ত্রণাও থাকতো না!
তখন কতইনা মজা হতো!
বারবার দেখা হতো, কথা হতো,
ঝগড়া হতো, হতো ভীষন রাগও,
তবুও রোজ হতো নতুন দিন।
গতকাল বলে কিছু থাকতো না।
শুধু আজ হতো, আর হতো আগামীর স্বপ্ন!
জানার দরকার পড়তো না, না থাকতো জানার আগ্রহ, সবটাই হতো নতুন।
পুরনো হবার ভয় থাকতো না।
বুড়িয়ে যাবারও থাকতো না আক্রোশ।
করতে হতো না কোন পরিকল্পনা,
শুধু হতো বা হতো না।
যদি থাকতো না জীবনে।
সব থাকতো একেবারে ক্লেশহীন, সাদামাটা, কোন মিথ্যের রং থাকতো না।
ভুলে যাওয়াটা হতো একমাত্র করনীয় কাজ।
মনে রাখার জন্যে মাথাটাকে আলাদা করে ভাবতে হতো না, তখন যে ভাবনাই থাকতো না। সব হতো সাদাকালোরর মতো সহজ,
যদি শুধু ভুলে থাকা সম্ভব হতো,
মনে রাখার কষ্টটাও আর থাকতো না।

The Light is to.

The light is to touch.
The light is to think there’s no dark much.
The light is to show the road.
The light is to tell not to get bored.
The light is to feed the mind a new imagination.
The light is to lead to a world of fashion.
The light is to be there to make the man.
The light is to grow someone to be a loyal fan.
The light is to let know that everything is here.
The light is to express no good is always fare.
The light is to bring a smile on the face.
The life is to suggest leaving a wonderful trace.
The light is to celebrate the win after loss.
The light is to make the line which not to cross.
The light is to fetch all the happiness.
The light is to ensure the best, no less.
The light resides in us and we are the light.
The light comes to brighten with a hug very tight.