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Here, I will upload the videos where I am reading books of Different Authors. I hope that will help Book lovers to know about various books of different genres. Sometimes we love books but do not find the appropriate time to read them. Nowadays, the audio books are easy to get but has to pay a good deal to get them. What I am going to do is the books throught the reading making them available to the audience for free. Thus, the love for books will remain unchanged and unchallenged. Please provide me with valueable feedback of yours to make it more interesting. I have had no filters on my videos. It will always be me who will read the book of the choice. Please give recommendations too. I hope you enjoy them.

The links of the videos will be available for all at anytime. Thanks.

First Video with the First Chapter from Sense and Sensibility.

First Chapter: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

This is the very first book reading video I have ever made. In the video, I read from the Novel Sense and Sensibility written by Jane Austen. I chose this novel to start with for quite a few reasons. Most importantly this novel was written by a female writer in a era where women were not having much of the respect in the society, they had been treated as a tool in the family aas well as in the society. Jane Austen showed the courage to come forward and wrote novels and got published which were really the most amazing act that time. This is my tribute to all the women and Hail to the Womanhood! I hope you enjoy reading with me.

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